Transforming Beauty 🍁

Greetings & Happy Fall! 🍁
I recently finished my largest painting yet, both physically and emotionally. "The Ascent of the Dragonflies", seen above, felt like my life's work - like I had accomplished my mission as an artist. Now, I laugh at even the thought of this, as I know it's still only the beginning. While painting this particular piece, and hearing of the tragic news in our daily newsfeeds, I find I am often asking myself the big questions. Why the suffering? Why the pain? Why so much apparent tragedy and loss in this world? Although I cannot come up with the answers, I feel so deeply that the questions themselves aren't as important, but rather how we respond to them. I truly believe that in the best and worst of times, we are here to be the light for one another. I know this is why I was given a vision to paint and share the beauty that I see, even amongst the darkest happenings around our world.

When I look outside I feel deeply connected to the wisdom that is offered with this changing season. My Fall collections are inspired by change, transformation, and letting go. I am in a state of awe when I witness the leaves, warmed from the late summer sunlight, go from green, to yellow, orange, and red. And then, how they so gracefully let go and fall to the earth.

This transition makes me think of our own lives. How we can let that light warm us and then free us to be transformed into something we've only dreamed about. That we can allow nature to show us how to let go of limited beliefs that have held us back, and then trust as we gracefully fall, knowing a new journey is ever so close.

Maybe this is our time to let go as well. To let go of the big questions (or our presumed answers) and instead focus on the beauty, light, and love that is in abundance all around us. Then, maybe, this new journey will lead us to serve one another and open our perception of not only the beauty of nature, but also the beauty of humanity at our core.

I promise my art career is not over - not even close.  I will continue to see and share the enormous amount of beauty and goodness -  that it may give hope to all. ❤️

"Transforming Beauty", Original oil on canvas
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