The Magic of The Season

I really want to share a painting of flowers and green grass with you today 😉, but not yet! I'm sitting here in my studio watching the snow fall so gracefully - everything is pure white, and it is truly magical! I want to embrace this season, and it reminds me of a painting I created a few years ago, "The Magic of The Season".

I can still so vividly remember the winter sunrise I witnessed which became the inspiration for this painting. It was one of the first snowfalls of the season (that in itself is pure magic!), but there was something even more mysterious about this particular morning. As I was walking through the woods, it truly felt like I was in a live fairy tale with the light coming through the trees after the freshly fallen snow.  The branches were glistening - as if they were whispering signs of hope from a world beyond. The snow was everything but white. Each branch was sparkling with the warmest pinks, yellows, purples and blues. My heart is bursting right now just remembering it! 😍

In each season there is a real magic, and I'm hoping that if you don't get a chance to get outside and embrace today, that this image can bring you to a place of peace and joy!

In Love & Light,

P.S. While painting today I was listening to a Rob Bell podcast called "Real Magic with Nate Staniforth". Ahh, it was so good and so fitting while I reminisced on this painting -  a reminder that magic is all around us, in many, many forms. ❤️


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