The Beautiful Project with Pamela Sukhum

Hello Beautiful People!

I hope you are having a wonderful summer filled with an abundance of fresh air and new experiences. This past month, I certainly have had both of these along with a more than full heart! You know those things you are asked to do and you say YES to without really knowing what you're getting into? Well, of course I did this and it was more than I could have dreamed of. In the month of July, I worked alongside my dear friend and Artist, Pamela Sukhum, along with over 100 community members, to create a 30ft x 30ft mural which was a part of Pamela's "The Beautiful Project" initiative. The goal of "The Beautiful Project" is to provide healing artistic opportunities for under-resourced youth and adults to express what is beautiful in their community. I mean, how could I say no to this??!! 

This project taught me more than I can write here, but there are a few pointers I'd love to share. It has to do with doubt and fear vs. trust and love. Also known as letting go, and letting God. When I committed to being a part of this project, I honestly had zero idea of what I would specifically be doing. It really didn't matter though, as my heart was willing and ready to be of service where it would have the most impact.

Although Pamela had most of the painting sketch complete, it was only a few days before diving in with paint that she was presented with a request from city council of adding the element of water to the mural. It was a Saturday, Day 4 of the project, when Pamela and I were staring at the mural, collaborating ideas for the water, and then - she turned it over to me, asked me to paint the river - with only a few hours to do so! 😳 Unfortunately, fear and doubt of my ability to paint this large scale river in such a short amount of time swept over me. Honestly, how was I going to do this? Well, there was no other way than - to trust it, and let it go. I have never painted so intuitively than I did on this mural. Styles of brushstrokes I have never used before were showing up. The water began flowing, and I became a part of it. The exact same thing happened when I was put in charge of shading the entire 30ft high tree! It was only in the moment I handed it over and trusted my inner ability, nothing more than true beauty could come forth. (Ok, maybe there were a few things, like dropping paint brushes from the scaffolding while 20 ft up ;), I guess that's what happens too when I'm in my zone.) 🤣

It seems too often we get in the way of our own personal power to come forth. Those silly things of doubt and fear can be real if we let them - and they are the things that will get in the way of allowing the most beautiful experiences to happen.

I cannot wait to take this lesson back to my easel with me, and I certainly cannot wait for another opportunity, if it allows, to give my hands and gifts of beauty and hope to another community through "The Beautiful Project"!

All my love,

Led by Pamela Sukhum and the Beautiful Project team, over 70 adults and 40 children from the community of all abilities came together to create this giant community masterpiece called “The Tree of Life”. Here, her roots remind us of our deeply interconnected nature and need for a strong foundation – while simultaneously branching out her/our ever-expanding arms and hearts to embrace greater vistas and possibilities. 
This is the largest community-created mural of its type in the state of Minnesota. -excerpt from Pamela Sukhum

Day 1

Day 4  The Water. A day of letting go and trusting.

Day 5

Photo credit Lillie News

Day 7 - Pamela Sukhum working with children from community youth programs

Day 17

Day 21 Adding final touches with my soul sister, Pamela Sukhum. To create with her was truly magical!

"This project is a testament to how each of us, regardless of history, experience, age, color or economic background, has their own unique and distinct gift, however large or small, that contributes to the whole. May this mural serve as a reminder that when we come together we can create staggering beauty as an offering to our communities and the world." -Pamela Sukhum