Luther College Inspirations


This weekend not only marks the end of my Trees As Sanctuary Exhibit at The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, but also marks 15 years since my very first art exhibit!

Today I'd like to share two paintings with you, which are near and dear to me as they are inspired from my alma mater, Luther College in Decorah, IA.
This coming weekend would have been my 15 year (what?!!) class reunion, as well as 15 years since having my very first art exhibit - my senior art show during homecoming!  As is expected with the pandemic, the in-person reunion is canceled, however I'm still hopeful the class of 2005 will celebrate down the road when it's safe to do so!

My time at Luther will always hold a very special spot in my heart. I remember when my husband, Tyler, who did not attend Luther College, met my college friends and after visiting campus with me, he was surprised with how "tight-knit" everyone was. I'd like to call it the loving community that it was and still is. I understand his pleasant shock, as yes, Luther College highly values a strong community and relationships - it's a family! 💙

While living on campus 3 out of my 4 years at Luther, I was deeply inspired by a small pond at dusk that I could see from my dorm window. If you are not familiar with Luther's campus, this small pond is near the soccer fields, and is called Lindeman Pond. While living on campus, I remember being in awe as I witnessed many sunsets through the trees by this pond. It wasn't until years later that I turned these inspirations into paintings, and little did I know at the time that I would marry a man named Tyler Lindeman 5 years after graduating. The stars had surely aligned! (Of course we had to take some wedding photos at this favorite spot on campus, and I'll share a few below!)

Both of the paintings in this virtual exhibit, "We Are Light" and "Awakening" were inspired from my time at Lindeman pond at Luther. I believe my Luther College experience not only gave me a wealth of inspiration for my career as an artist, but it also taught me the significance of critical thinking, global awareness, and the importance of sustainability and caring for this Earth - the very beauty that I paint and am so called to share with the world.

Peace & Love,


"We Are Light", Original Oil on Canvas. Inspired from Luther College Campus in Decorah, IA


"Awakening", Original Oil on Canvas. Inspired from Luther College Campus in Decorah, IA

Additional paintings inspired from Luther College & Lindeman Pond! 
All are available as canvas or paper prints.
The Light   |  Oil on Canvas, sold
Shadows of Peace  |  Oil on Canvas, sold
Reflections of Love  |  Oil on Canvas, sold
God's Reflections  |  Oil on Canvas, sold

Tyler & I recently celebrated our 10 year Anniversary!
Here are some wedding memories from Luther campus by Lindeman Pond 😊.
It was as though we were "in" my paintings!