Joy of Yellow

Happy Happy Spring!!
My heart has been bursting with joy and all things new and glorious this past week. The sun is shining and feels WARM, the birds are doing some serious singing and dancing, AND the snow is melting! 😊 There is truly something magical about this season, and I just cannot wait for those first little soft and green leaves to start popping out of the ground, that will eventually turn into the miracle of a flower - or a tree, vegetable, or anything that is starting new life.

The flowers in this painting, "Joy of Yellow", were painted in the springtime when I was inspired by the overwhelming vibrant new flowers that seem to magically appear and explode out of the hibernating earth. I have always been drawn to the color yellow, which is reflected in many of my other paintings as the light of the sun. In this painting, however, that light is shown instead within the flowers - the product of an earth refreshed by rain and warm sunshine. 

Just a few days ago we recieved our first seeds in the mail. Every year my husband and I enthusiastically look through the new seed catalogs and anticipate the growing season. The amount of flower seeds that I ordered this year is almost comical - watch out world, I may be starting a flower farm! 😉 Opening those new seed packets, gives me a feeling like no other. When I hold that one tiny seed in my hand, my heart seems to skip a beat as I feel the magic and eternity of life that is within that one tiny seed. I cannot help but feel a connection to this life cycle, and the promises that it holds. ❤️

With each brush stroke in the flowers of "Joy of Yellow", I could feel these new life promises unfolding before me. Within this painting is a hidden scripture reference - Matthew 6:34. "Do not worry about tomorrow; tomorrow will take care of itself". I hope the JOY of springtime and the evidence of new life will leave little room for worry and doubt (about anything!) in your heart and mind during this miraculous season! 🌸

In Love & Light,

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