Be Still

Happy Day to you!
I am ready to start sharing some Spring and Summer paintings for my weekly inspiration, as I am 100% officially over the cold and ready for new life šŸ˜‰! This morning while getting ready for the day, I overheard my kids playing from the other room (in a sleeping bag pretending it was a cocoon), and I heard my son say, "I took a little rest, and I became a butterfly." Oh my, of course my heart was bursting! It was such a reminder to me that we cannot rush the Spring. It is in rest that our souls are renewed. Only then will the transformation happen for us to become the butterfly, for new life to unfold.

This moment of clarity and beauty reminded me of my painting "Still Morning" (pictured above). The inspiration for this piece came from a sunrise I witnessed on Gull Lake in Minnesota on a warm Summer morning. There was a very calming fog that encircled the sun while slowly rising from the water. A deep stillness was in the air. It felt as though I was the only one awake on the lake - encountering a mystical, silent beauty all to myself.

I can't help but dream of those warm Summer mornings, but I also know we still have a bit of winter left - perhaps more time to pause and be still. Too often we continue hustling as though there is a constant finish line we must cross. I hope this can be a reminder, that in the season of winter that is left (in whatever form this may be for you), to take a moment to be still and rest. Listen to what your inner guidance may have to say - it could be just what you need to hear in order for your wings to take flight this Spring.

In Love & Light,


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