An Invitation

Hello Everyone!
I’m sitting here behind my easel, my leg propped up, because no joke, I recently got back from the hospital. 🀦‍♀️  A fall from a chair today left me with a deep wound that needed some immediate help. The open gouge on my leg needed to be stitched back together. (and it was painful!!) There have been a series of events that have happened lately, including this minor accident, that have left such clear messages and correlations with what is happening around the world right now as we all are going through this global crisis together.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have felt this inner knowing of why this is all happening. Now, I don't think we necessarily need an explanation, however, I have always been supremely fascinated with the human experience, and therefore I can't help but believe this is all divine timing.

Some may think this is a punishment from God, however, I believe it's the opposite. As Wayne Dyer once said, "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather, we are spiritual beings having a human experience." Have we forgotten who we really are and why we are here? Have we gotten so off course that we need a correction? I say yes.

I see this call of correction as an act of love, rather than punishment. As with the wound on my knee this morning - I had two choices. I could have either let it bleed and try to heal on it's own (which I found out would have lead to other serious issues like infection), or, I took the course of action to have it mended, stitched together. (a huge shout out and thank you for ALL the workers out there wearing the wings.)

I feel we are being called to use this time of isolation and uncertainty to take a deep look at our lives. We are being forced to slow down. We are being forced to stop. We are being forced to remember what matters most. I truly hope we can also feel an urge tugging at us to pause for reflection and inner growth. Collectively, we need some serious mending. I believe in my heart, if we can use this wake up call to remember who we really are (spiritual beings having a human experience), that we can then remember why we are here:

To be LOVE for one another.
To be LIGHT and JOY for ourselves and one another.
To take care of this beautiful planet.
To live at a pace of life that we can actually smell the roses vs rushing past them like we've gone mad (or killing them with toxic chemicals and pollution).
To realize how interconnected we all really are, by remembering that we are all one.

Then, dear God, I pray that we can close up our wounds that we have created, by stitching ourselves back together in harmony with God, with one another, and with our world. πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’› 

Stay healthy and inspired! 
All my love,

PS. The painting I am working on in the picture above is titled "The Narrow Path". This path that we are being called to walk on might feel narrow, but I promise, there is enough room for everyone. ☺️ In ways, it reminds me of another path painting of mine, "Walk In Peace", pictured below.