A New Year!

Happy 2018 everyone!
I love the start of a new year. It's such a magical time to reflect and set forth intentions for the future. As I look back at 2017, I find myself revisiting my Christmas mantra - "Let us sow love, have faith, bring light, be joy."

And looking ahead, I feel like this mantra is also my new year's resolution: to sow love, to believe that anything is possible, to bring light in the darkness, and to be joy filled. I hope you too can find a connection to and follow this mantra, so together we can be a force for peace in our hearts, good onto others, world peace, and a bit of heaven on earth.

It may feel overwhelming, but I truly believe in order for us to be able to give love and light, you have to first believe it's inside of you to give away. To believe that that is who you are. Think about it, when you're feeling unworthy, unloved, angry, and your confidence is depleted - that is what comes out of you onto others, and it's the ripple effect of fear, or the lack of love.

While painting "We Are Light", I felt a real fear of how it was going to be portrayed. I worried that my conservative followers would think it was "too new age", however, deep in my heart I knew there was a big message I needed to share.

After too much worry and subsequent prayer and determination, the stars aligned one Sunday morning when I heard the best sermon I've ever heard. In a new-to-us church my family and I attended, the whole sermon was about being light. It was said, "You are the light of the world", Matthew 5:14. It was the ah-ha moment I needed for my desires to blend so-called "new age" philosophies I follow, along with the deep wisdom and teachings of the love of Jesus that I feel so connected to.

You are the light. We are the light. We really are: the light, the love, and the goodness. We are here to do marvelous things, and I believe the utmost reason for this life is to serve others, from a state of joy. We have no idea how short or long we are here - so why not live life to the fullest and be all that we can be? So why not be as empathetic as possible in every single situation you're brought to, and sow love to all? Your light will shine, and your calling will be fulfilled. This is where we will find the Kingdom of Heaven - here.

I hope this can be inspiration for you to go within yourself and ask the big question - who am I? Then, sow love, have the faith to do it and believe anything is possible, bring the light, and be the joy.

Amen, and happy new year!

Ps. "We Are Light" is the first painting I completed after becoming a mom, four years ago. When I held my precious baby, Walter, for the first time, I knew he came from this pure love and light, that he was this. I hope to foster this in both of my children that they never forget their goodness. (Although the whining and screaming tantrums of toddlerhood causes moments to think otherwise.) wink